This is a blog about our 1950s Mid Century Modest home in Metro Detroit.  We purchased it in 2003 and have seriously missed the mark on decorating it by a long shot.  I hope to document this home’s transformation from a hodge-podge of odd decorating ideas to a sleek- and modern-inspired look that this house was meant to convey.

Join me as I post pics of some of the home’s unusual qualities and discuss decorating options from furniture, paint choices, hardwood floors, all the way to the anxiety-induced thought of a whole kitchen remodel.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. did you ever figure out the origin of your mystery chair. I just bought a couch that had the same stamp burned into the wood. It also has the numbers 303 with one of the threes inverted to face the zero. It has no cushions at all but it was 15 dollars so that would make it worth that in fire wood….

  2. Nope! That was as far as my research went because I kept hitting a dead end. Sounds like you got a great deal, though. DUX was a legit furniture company and the pieces they made are fabulous examples of the “Danish” modern look. Enjoy the couch!

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