A New MCM Kitchen – Part 4

It’s been almost two months and we’re still in construction mode!  But, things are improving and I’m crossing items off the to-do list.

The cabinets:  They are IN!  Perfectly level and attached to walls.  The trim work still needs to be done and shelves installed, plus the pulls and knobs.  OK, maybe they aren’t as completed as I thought. I’m just excited they are in place.

The Floor:  Terrazzo is so pretty. So. Pretty.  We ordered the terrazzo tiles from Wausa Tiles.  If you use them, be wary. This special order took months to complete and today as it was being installed it was discovered that one of the boxes had the wrong tile.  And every single tile had busted corners in that box.  That was disappointing because this tile was not only so expensive that it broke our budget, but the install guys were halfway done with the job and it’s not like I can pause life for 2 months and wait for another box.  I authorized the tile guys to take the wrong tile and use it where the fridge, dishwasher, and stove are going, so those appliances will sit on them and no one will see it.  Not the worst thing in the world, but c’mon.  Like we weren’t going to notice that!

Grout work on the floor begins on Monday.

Countertops:  Should be installed this week.  Leaving those as a surprise.  Hint:  It’s not granite.

What’s left to do?  Install the lighting, backsplash tile, install appliances, figure out what to do with the big blank wall (looking for an authentic credenza from the ’60s.  Plus have a few ideas swirling around my brain), painting, trim work, new pocket door, plumbing.

Here’s a sneak peak:


Look at that floor! It’s terrazzo tile. Next time you’re in a bank or some mid-century building, look at the floor. It may be terrazzo.


Here’s a close up so you can see the pattern.


Nutty — our defiant and bossy guinea pig who has big plans to set up shop under the cabinets.

IMG_1634 IMG_1638

Today is November 1 and is the open house for the Ransom-Gillis house in the Brush Park section of downtown Detroit.  Nicole Curtis, from the show Rehab Addict, worked with Quicken Loans to restore the crumbling mansion.  I thought it would be an easy manner to walk up, get in line, and take the tour.  An hour, maybe two, tops.  Awwwww no.  I went with my husband, two kids, and my in-laws and we were stunned by the amount of people there.  Thousands showed up!  It was a gorgeous afternoon, all warm and autumn-y, enough to just throw on a sweater.  Apparently, all of metro Detroit had the same thoughts we did, and the line stretched down the street, around the corner down to street behind the old mansion, and wrapped around both sides of that street before tapering off.  It would be at least a four hour wait so we just set off and took some pics of the outside.  I saw Nicole Curtis a few times and she looks and sounds just like she does on TV. I don’t know why that was surprising to me — maybe because I never run into celebrities.

I really hope this area can be revitalized; I hope it will be filled with people who are actually interested in caring for the properties instead of letting it rot.  What a waste when I look around these acres.  But, let’s leave the past behind us and look forward.  Always look forward.  Pointing the finger and placing blame doesn’t provide solutions — you’ll see me on Team Solution than Team Whiner any day.


Me and my daughter in front of the RansomGillis House.


Nicole Curtis! I love watching her show Rehab Addict. Her fierce determination is quite inspiring.


The famous tower. Inside on a table, I could spot a globe.


Me and my husband Vic. You can see the nice new lawn — it’s really the only spot of greenery in the area. The rest is very unkept but I hope this inspires other residents to take action and improve their properties.


Just a Sunday stroll through Brush Park.


For those of you unfamiliar with Brush Park, here are two examples of neighboring mansions down the street from RansomGillis. Boarded up, ransacked, and graffitied. I guess these are the original McMansions but I bet the insides are way cooler than today’s architecture.


The front of the massive line. This house is so beautiful on the outside and really wish I could have seen the inside. What an inspiration to a side of Detroit that I gave up hope on of ever seeing anything positive!


New glasswork.

IMG_1694 IMG_1679 IMG_1676


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