A New MCM Kitchen – Part 3

It’s been 41 days since I’ve had my old kitchen ripped out.  It’s still not finished.  How does HGTV manage to install new kitchens in 2 days?  I’m trying to keep my humor in check because I don’t want to freak out and have the job suffer.

So, what’s been done?  Well, the demo.  The electrical has all been updated and new outlets and spaces prepped for lighting.  Drywall is complete along with fixing and rearranging the water pipes for the sink.

What’s taking so long are the cabinets.  Vic and I made the bold choice to forgo Big Box merchandise and hired a cabinet maker to design and create the cabinets. That takes a long time!  Plus, he got held up by another job (not my problem, but it became my problem with all of the delays) which dragged the project down by two weeks.  I thought by now that the room would be complete but it’s not even halfway finished.

The good news is, is that the cabinets are in and are what we ordered.  But, it’s already taking a week+ to install them.  Our construction company is pretty top-notch and the guys are sticklers for detail.  So much so, that it is going to take days and days to level the cabinets and the floor and make sure it’s perfect.  And, you know what? That’s good because we’re paying them for this level of detail because we’re not moving anytime soon and we want this kitchen to hold up.  I just have to keep repeating that to myself.

“The kitchen will be done and you are going to love it.”

But, we still have the floor to do, which is going to be way more than just a quick tile job.  All that is left of the floor is the original floorboards, so that needs to be built up before any tile can go in.  We also have the backsplash tile.  Appliances to go in.  Plumbing.  A gas line to install.  Lighting to hang and connect.  And painting.  I guess it will be closer to Thanksgiving when all is done. Yikes!  And . . . there’s been talk about the guys going hunting since it’s deer season.  Oh dear (deer?).

All of the above is one reason out of many that we didn’t do this years ago.  We are managing quite well without a kitchen but we’re getting tired of crockpotting it and there’s only so much that can be bar-be-qued. Although, I can make a good grilled cheese sandwich that is literally grilled.

Here’s some pics of the cabinets.  They are not fully installed so please excuse the wonkiness and mess.


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come…these doors open to reveal what I call a robot mechanism for the shelves. It will make more sense when this is done.


Here’s the secret little flip-down panel in the front of the sink.


Every inch of space is going to be functional — this tall rectangle is my pull out pantry. It’s skinny but I know I can cram a lot of stuff in there.

IMG_1602 IMG_1601 IMG_1596


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