A New MCM Kitchen: Part 2 Demo

Well, after Day 1 the demo is mostly complete.  It’s a bit surreal not having a kitchen or being able to walk into the room and throw my purse on the counter.  I’m adjusting to making coffee with my sister’s borrowed drip machine in the bathroom —kind of like a hotel!  I keep telling myself we’re on a vacation, sort of half nice hotel/half camping.  In the depths of the old kitchen I found a brand new cast iron pan that one of us must have received as a Christmas present one year.  No joke, the corner cabinet under the oven wall unit was longer than I am, so stuff would get tossed in there and unless I emptied the front layer and crawled in, there was no way anything was coming back out.  We used the pan to heat up leftover pasta on the backyard BBQ and ate outside with paper plates.  I kind of like not washing dishes! The kids think it’s funny to make toast and frozen waffles in the garage, and through it all we’re all keeping our sense of humor about the situation.

I am so amazed at how big the space is now!  Even before the demo, the kitchen was large.  Now with the soffits gone and with the glass hanging cabinet taken out the kitchen is enormous.  I can’t wait for how much we’re going to enjoy all the light coming in and when it’s finished the dining room and kitchen will be an amazing place to spend time in.

IMG_1514 IMG_1515

On the left is the view from when I walk in from the door from the living room.  The right is from the dining room.  I really love how the corner wall unit oven and the surrounding cabinets are gone!  That design took up a ton of space so it’s going to be a big change when our new cabinets go in and everything is square and cornered properly.

IMG_1517 IMG_1518

This drawing on the wall was unearthed by the construction crew.  It’s a rendering of the corner oven!  On the right is where the GE wall unit fridge lived.  We found two layers of old wallpaper on the bottom of the soffits.  One had a pattern of blue roses and the other was a pink and beige geometric pattern.


And, this picture was found during demo!  If anyone recognizes this handsome fellow let me know!


2 thoughts on “A New MCM Kitchen: Part 2 Demo

  1. That 70-ish photo looks familiar….weird! Exciting to see the changes….oh how I wish my kitchen was getting another demo/renovation. 🙂

  2. Ha! I am so curious to know the identity of the boy in the photo. All I know about this house is that a branch of the Salvaggio’s lived here, but the initials on the back of the picture say G.D. No date either. I wish you were getting another demo too — it would be an amazing MCM one!

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